Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deep Breath

     For some reason today, I feel a bit overwhelmed.  I think the realization that time is quickly upon us is setting in.  There is so much to be done in the next few weeks.  School is drawing to a close for me this year.  I have my spring programs in two weeks, and programs are a lot of work!  I am hoping that baby boy allows me to complete my programs and get those marked off my list.  I am responsible for nearly 300 children presenting Spring Musicals.  I take the responsibility to heart, and want nothing more than a good experience for each child.  I am doing two shows complete with speaking parts, music, and choreography.  We even have a rap song on our repertoire this time, and there is just something about a very pregnant lady directing that makes me ...well use your imagination!

     I have my regular classes to prepare for, and my lessons to prepare for the substitute while I am on maternity leave.  Today, class has been...well.... a roller coaster.  I had four year-olds this morning, and during an animal action song, one little guy decided that it would be fun to take both his fists and punch my belly as hard as he could.  It totally caught me off guard.  I am sure all is well, but it is a bit scary to take a hit like that merely a month from my due date.  I suppose my big belly was just a huge target for him....needless to say, I dealt with the situation promptly.  Shortly after the four year olds, I hosted 6th grade.  What a shift in personalities!  It is enough to give me hives some days.  I love all my classes, but motivating pre-teens sometimes is next to impossible!!

     Then, there are all the decisions that are still to be made....like schooling for my oldest, care for the baby when I return to work next school year, and what will my work schedule really look like?  I am hoping to find a bit of flexibility, but that means negotiating some things...which makes me a bit nervous, too!  Work decisions for both me and my husband..to sell the house, to keep the house....how much landscaping...should we paint the house this spring??  The questions just keep swirling in my head.  AND...the BABY!  He will be here to meet us so very soon, and I have a few things left to prepare for his arrival. It still seems a bit surreal.

     We are also trying to help a little church in our community that has a brand new pastor.  It has been a bit of an adventure.  I am playing piano and we are just trying to find our place to serve there.   Our little family of three, soon to be four,  makes a big difference on their numbers.  Sunday, we had 17 in attendance.  It is exciting though, to feel like we are in a serving capacity again.  The past few months we have really felt like we were being pushed to do more, and we really did not know which direction to head.  This all has just sort of fell into place.  I say fell, but I believe firmly that Divine Intervention has something to do with it!  It is so nice to be back in the denomination I was raised in, and feel connected again to my roots.  It is very small, very country, and very green...but I am full of hope for the outreach to the community that lies within the grasp of God's arms if we do our part.  I am a bit rusty at playing hymns from the hymnal, and my belly has a tendency to get in the way...but when someone tells you that they have never heard the voices in the church sing to their current level in the past fourteen years because they have not had a pianist...it means something to my heart...sour notes and all!  (They even want to start a choir!)

     So with all the new, the old things in life that are always there, and the adventure of the days ahead...it is overwhelming some.  However, I sat on my porch last night and listened to the rain and I was grateful.  I was grateful that God keeps working on me.  I was grateful that even though the current picture of my life looks little what I thought it would as a much younger girl, my Maker is still fulfilling my happiness and giving me the opportunities that I feel I am created for.  May the deep breaths keep coming, the days be full of promise, and my heart ever be tender to the whispers from my Savior.
~B Charmer


  1. I remember those days like they were yesterday. And yet my youngest is now 15. My days are still frenetic but the tasks are different now. All I can say is enjoy the ride - they really don't stay little for long.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! How quickly I am learning that it all goes too fast!


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