Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Cottage

     I love cottages.  Maybe it is the fairytale picture they paint- or the too many works of literature set to screen, but they hold a special place in my heart.  I see a cottage and I start to create the story that fits the scene.  I can clearly see sweet little kitchens full of the scents of baked bread or hot soup.  The round table with a well-loved table cloth and fresh picks from the garden outside.  But the best part of my stories are the people.  There are always happy people in my mind's eye sitting around that table.  I can hear the laughter and see the smiles.  There are children and grandparents, as well as neighbors.  It is a warm scene that feels like home.  It is the safe place that all should have to come to for respite.  The home is full of things like worn books, garden gloves, and children's wooden blocks.  There are cozy quilts and outdoor benches just begging for a visit.  There are friendly gates and paths that take you all over the cozy grounds.  The stories meander along the paths of cone flowers. 
     My favorite cottages always have some sort of friendly fence and sweet little gate.  There are more flowers than there blades of grass!  Actually, there really isn't much- if any- need to mow...its more about weeding the garden and maintaining the stepping stones.
     I want to magically turn our house into a cottage.  But, I am missing some key elements.  I have no fence to speak of...and the little bit of chain link just doesn't seem to fit the bill. Chain link is not the feeling I am going for!  I have no meanadering sidewalk...or cone flowers.  I do have some nice rose bushes and Cameliea trees...and a few little things here and there.  The problem is that the cottage look I love takes time to create, and I just want to poof mine into existence!  But, what cottage doesn't look loved by the years?  What cottage becomes a cottage overnight?  It has to be a well-loved home first, and well...I am working on that part now.  I suppose the fence and walkways will apear with time.  I have to hide the lawn mower if I have any hope of turning my yard into a lush garden of color and herbs. Ahh...but I can dream and plan and hope...and maybe I will hear someone say as they walk past one day..."Oh, what a sweet, little cottage they have!"  I will have arrived at that point!  Forget square footage and walk-in closets...yeah they would be nice.  I will stick with a little story-book cozy cottage for now.  I just have to find my garden gloves! Now, where did I put those things?

~ B Charmer.

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