Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come What May

     I spent the day getting ready for baby on Friday.  A trip to the hospital lab, an ultrasound, and a few other paperwork issues later, and the day was gone.  It amazes me that no one can clearly give me an idea financially how to plan for the cost of this baby.  I totally understand that costs equal experience, but there should be some general guidelines that I can use to make some decisions.  At the moment, there is no medical reason to induce my labor, so I am wondering what the cost difference is between an induction over a natural delivery.  I would like to know the cost of the medicines used and so forth.  I used to just take things as they come, but lately I feel an obligation to determine my options and what my level of financial responsibility is in the given situation.  However, no one seems to know how to give me a general estimate of anything.  Is there any wonder health care is so ridiculously priced?  If nobody knows the initial cost, then why not put a gazillion dollar price tag on my hospital bill and code it as part of the "experience" during my stay. I am grateful for health care, the insurance that we do have, and the knowledge that I should be in good hands.  However, I am frustrated with the logistics and numbers.  My insides say, "They just want your money, hence the induction".  Are they playing on the miserability factor involved in a woman ready to have her baby?  I am thinking about this way too much, I know...
     I just want a healthy baby and an uncomplicated delivery.  According to the ultrasound today, the baby is measuring between 7.5 and 8 pounds.  I was told the same with baby number one at 1 week post due date, and he weighed 7.9.  So, the two boys sound like they will be about the same size.  He still looks good, and I am doing fine.  So, do I just go with the flow, let them take him Friday, and not worry?  Probably.  That is what I will probably do, but for some reason, I feel a bit agitated by it all.  I am not sure why...
      So, come what may, there should be a baby at the end of all these decisions!  That is exciting.  I haven't had the time to relish in the thoughts of a sweet, precious newborn like I did with my first.  There are some moments where I stop and look at something at home and I think to myself..."ah there will be a baby here soon!"  A baby, what a thought!  A sweet, little bundle of softness.  My heart is anxious to meet him and bring him into our family.  This little soul will be part of who we are and what we are...our Family...  I cannot wait to kiss his little face and welcome him home.
~ B Charmer

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