Thursday, March 10, 2011

Come On In...

      In lieu of yesterday's cottage post and today's Dreamy Thursday, I thought I would take you through a sample virtual cottage that I think I could live in quite happily!  Since you are stopping by, we will start in the breakfast nook.  We can share some orange marmalade and spend some time talking about the weather or perhaps our families.  The kids will be busy playing and laughing, and we can just enjoy the sunshine!

 You can step into the bathroom for a quick wash of the sticky marmalade.  I suppose if you want, you could always detour for a soak in the tub!

The little ones might need a nap in the warm sunshine.  We could snuggle them all up in this cheery bedroom while we discuss our latest book loves.


When the time comes for them all to wake, we can let them run and play outside in the garden.  While they are discovering snails and toads, we can sip afternoon coffee...or this happy little spot.

     I am so glad you stopped in and we shared a lovely day.  Ahh...cottage life, isn't it nice?

~B Charmer

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