Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coffee Cups and Claw Foot Tubs

     The title of my post makes me smile.  These two things have been dear, sweet friends to me these days.  Sleeping has become a bit difficult. So, to counteract this dilemma, I have called these faithful two to full-time duty.  I really kept an eye on my caffeine intake in the early stages of pregnancy.  However, when I got the OK, I reintroduced Mr. Coffee to my morning routine.  It was a welcome return.  I still limit, which is probably best for me regardless, but a cup or two a day sure does wonders! 
     When I was expecting my first child, I could barely stand the thoughts of coffee.  However, this little fella seems to be on my page when it comes to this cup of wonderfulness.  A strong cup in the AM to get things going is in order daily.  I usually choose brewed and black.  By the time the school day winds to a close, you can generally find me at my mother's sharing a small pot of "Spanish coffee" together.  This is our means of recouping some energy from a day devoted to the "Little's".  This coffee is simply stove-top espresso topped with steamy, frothy milk.  It sort of makes the world go round-well mine anyways!
     Afternoon coffee leads to many things.  It might be time outside with my son, planning our garden, laundry, cooking...a myriad of things.  We usually bide our time waiting on the big fella to get in from work.  My husband is a trooper.  He drives well over an hour each way to and from work.  He has lots of responsibilities while there, and he is very dedicated to doing his job well.  He leaves every morning before daylight, and he returns well after dark.  We are hoping to find some relief soon of these long hours for him, but until then we are being patient. 
     Once everyone is home, fed, and tucked in bed....I make my great escape!  My claw-foot tub, original to the house, waits patiently on me to visit.  There is something about the shape and size that suits me perfectly.  A long, hot soak eases aches and pains and prepares me better than anything for sleeping.  I have had a few discomforts with this baby boy that seem to vanish in the water.  Those who know my story of hip problems since birth know that I have had a lot of "work" done on my joints.  I suppose my age and my growing waistline has put some extra pressure on the joints this time around.  I am grateful that all things are still working properly, but I am hopeful that labor will bring some relief to these nagging issues.  Until then, a late-night-claw-foot date will be my nightly routine. 
     On rare occasions, the two good friends join together.  Coffee and soaking....what could be better? 
~B Charmer

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog with your words of support. Your blog is lovely. I love the look and feel of it. Your bathroom is great, it reminds me of mine (I live in a 120 year old city row home).

    This reminds me...I've been wanting to do a post on my bathroom...


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