Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tooth Paste and Monkey Sheets

I am tired.  It is quite late, and I finally have a wild man sleeping soundly in his monkey sheets.  I was just saying to my husband moments ago that I cannot decide if my three year old is especially rowdy these days, or if I am especially impatient.  Events from just this evening include a dinner plate completely turned over on the floor, and entire tube of tooth paste in the trash because someone thought it necessary to fill the tube up with water, and soaking wet pajamas after said toothpaste incidence.  He is all boy and all things three year old.  I am trying to treasure the days and not wish for more peace....but sometimes... 
Did I mention tripping over the handcuffs in the kitchen that he calls his hiccups?  I was supposed to be wearing them while being imprisoned by the dragon.  Somewhere between the chicken on the stove and the fire-breathing dragon, the hiccups...or should I say handcuffs.. found themselves right under my feet.
     While tucking him in this evening, we had a few sweet moments to read together.  We always end the evening with a Bible story and prayers.  He said his prayers, and in his own little voice I heard these words, "Dear God, I wish you would help me be good so I won't break so many laws."  My heart melted and I had to fight back tears.  My little redhead bandit...my, how I love him.  May I find more patience tomorrow and remember to buy more toothpaste! 


  1. I do love that little bandit. Had one of my own some years ago. Now she's all grown up with a little bandit of her own.

  2. Ok, it looks like I'm going to have to quit reading your blog already. You make me cry. Precious now is every goof, oops,and oh no from my children's childhoods. What I'd give to go back and live them all over and laugh at every one. Blessings to your family.


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