Wednesday, February 2, 2011


     Regimens are very attractive to me for some strange reason.  I like knowing ahead of time what needs accomplished and seeing the progress as it occurs.  I think having something tangible to see and work on gives me more chances of succeeding.  There is something oh-so-sweet about marking off an accomplishment or a to-do. 
     Lately, I have been trying out some new daily regimens.  Some are going well, and others are just going...sort of.  I can quickly tell what things rank high in importance based on how strictly I am keeping my lists.  It is eye-opening to see sometimes what I prioritize.  It helps me to reign in my expectations and really see what matters most. 
     I am really trying to get a handle on our home.  As I mentioned in this post, I am on a mission to do some radical changing in our family.  I started out with 365 days, no restaurants. lasted for a very long time for us.  We went over a month!  Then, I got extremely sick with the baby.  I had to rely on the husband A LOT for dinner decisions.  I was discouraged because I was too sick to do much cooking at all.  But, when things started looking up, I returned to the kitchen!  It hasn't been perfect, but we are much better than in past years.  I am trying to be very regimented with this task and with keeping the kitchen put together well enough to want to be in there! 
     I am also very committed to reading my Bible through in a year or less.  I have done this before, but not in a very organized way.  I am really enjoying the time I am dedicating to this regimen.  It is easy to say that one should have a devotional time everyday, but it is another thing doing it, and doing it well.  I make time every evening with my son, and I squeeze time in- a bit here and there- daily for me. However, since setting this goal to be very systematic, I find that I am spending much more time in the Word and getting much more joy in doing so.  I am finally putting this at the top of my priority list again...exactly where it should always be!
     I have some more frivolous goals that I am working on as well.  I am really trying to take better care of my skin and my overall health.  It makes me feel better, and I think it shows sometimes as well.  I am also trying to invest my spare time into something creative...hence the knitting.  I needed a personal outlet to "lose" myself a bit in now and then.  It is really easy staying busy with house, family, pregnancy, work, etc. and then realize that I have done nothing creative to stimulate me.  Everybody needs an outlet.  So, I am knitting...or rather attempting to...and writing daily.  It has been most enjoyable. 
    So there are my regimens in the works.  I have lists on my desk at school, lists in my notebooks at home, a chalkboard in my kitchen...all reminders to keep going.  I am not sure when one feels they have arrived.  I am thinking that there will always be lists and things to learn.
What are you working on? share !
~ B Charmer

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