Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ode to the Egg

Today's post is quite silly,
 But for me its so true
Do you like chicken eggs
As much as I do?

The egg, what can I say....I love you, let me count the ways!  What one ingredient has so much potential in an array of recipes?  It is found in both savory and sweet, and is quite delicious flying solo as a meal in itself.  Last night I was tired, hungry, running behind...and quite large with babe inside.  I wanted dinner!  My doctor suggested I add more protein to my diet, so last night...I whipped together a quiche in a matter of moments.  Ah....the smell, the taste, and the fulfillment...of the lovely egg.  So, my head started swirling and a poem came to mind...indulge me if you will!

Oh egg so round and sweet and white
what shall I make with thee tonight
I could bake you in a lovely treat
or boil you quick for something to eat

I could dip you in dye and use you for looks
I could whip you in circles and force you to cook
I could fry you in butter and warm my whole soul
or I could hide you in a sandwich...hot or cold

Oh chicken, I thank you for this most precious sphere
what would I do if eggs were not here
I suppose for tonight I will do something yum
and bake you with cheese in a shell till your done

My dinner will be a treat for us all
and carry us through breakfast...you're an egg after all
So whipping and swirling and pouring I'll be
spending time in the kitchen with the eggs of my dreams

~B Charmer~

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