Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Our house, right after purchasing.

     I wanted to let you all know that our area was deemed safe after the fire on Monday.  The air and water has been tested, and according to officials we are going to be fine with only trace amounts of Ammonia.  When I returned home from work yesterday, the scene was still billowing smoke profusely.  A person passing through town would have assumed the fire had just begun, even though it had been burning for nearly 24 hours.  As we got closer to home, the smell began to get stronger and my son started holding his nose.  I was very tired and wanted nothing more than to be home and rest a bit.  I was worried we would not be able to do so.  I said a prayer that somehow our home would not be in the path of the wind.  Each block closer to home brought more thick smoke and odor.  Then I made the turn towards home.  It was somewhat like a movie scene.  Just above our home and in our little area, the sky was completely clear.  The sun was shining right through, and the air had no smell.  The winds were pulling everything off to the North.  I was so relieved.  God heard my little prayer for rest and granted it to us.  I hope those around me were able to be in their homes as comfortably as we were in ours.  I enjoyed an evening of rest, working on my craft room, making meatloaf, and a visit from an area pastor. 

Blooming Azaleas.

     So many times I have dreaded going home.  I have wished my house to have poofed away, or something crazy, due to all the work that we have had to put into it.  I have been very guilty of not being thankful for the blessings of a home.  Yesterday, my house was a respite.  Something I am quite sure I have not felt  very much.  After all these years of working and spending to make it livable, we are finally reaping some benefits.  I remember when we bought the house that I felt God had blessed us.  Shortly after, I was sure I was greatly mistaken.  I have often thought that it was one of the worst decisions I have made and influenced my husband to make.  Lately, I have been trying to give those feelings over to my Maker.  I have learned many life lessons in this home that have nothing to do with repair work.  We are about to welcome our second child into this home, and it is the only home our first son has known.  We became a family here and that means something.

Under a heavy snow this winter.

     I am purposed in my heart to believe how I initially felt about our choice.  I have been all over the world, and I have seen how some of the world's poorest live.  I am ashamed at my disgust for the "issues" we have had to deal with.  It has been strong in storms, warm in snow, cool in heat, and a sound shelter for us.  I have been able to add my personality to its history.  God has always provided for us in these trying years.  I do not know how long these walls will belong to us, but I hope to take more time being grateful than I have taken grumbling.   And today, I am looking forward to being home.
~ B Charmer

PS I have added a page at the top of my blog labeled Current Projects.  I have put pictures there of things I am working on at home, right now!  You can see a few pictures of my craft room in progress!

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