Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dreamy Thursdays

     I really enjoyed sharing some favorites last Thursday, so I thought maybe I will make this a regular thing.  I would love to see some of your dreamy Thursday favorites along the way, as well!  So, for today...let the dreaminess take me away...

This makes me smile.  I wish I were baking something wonderfully chocolate in the oven right now while wearing this! Those who know me well know that I love aprons.  I think sometimes I could pretend to make a living sewing designer aprons!  Ahh, that would be fun!

I wish I had a reason to own these shoes.  Better yet, I wish I had the ability to walk in them right now!  Ahhh, won't be long and hopefully I can wear some heels again! I love that the name of this lovely pair is Salutations and Closings.  They are supposed to be friendly coming or going. The edges of the shoes are even trimmed in pink piping...too cute! Note: I do not consider cost when dreaming, for dreams have no price tag.
Finally, I would love to hold my precious baby boy like this once again.  Time has passed so quickly, and he is no longer fitting in my arms quite like he was here.  Three years gone by too quickly.  How well I remember this moment trying to capture some pictures at 3 months.  He cried through so much of the session, then he fell sound asleep in my arms.  Yes, I am dreaming...
~B Charmer

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