Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dream On

     OK friends, let's start here...the coast of (well this is Mexico, but you pick your coast of choice) somewhere beautiful.  We have just arrived by boat...

I think I will wear this little vintage swimsuit for the fun of it!

Oh, and maybe I will slip on this cute, little cover-up for strolling the shore!

And, for a jaunt into town for some tasty treats, I have to wear these adorable "Lemon Cooler" vintage inspired sandals! 

My excursion wouldn't be complete without this little cutie...

And my shades!  Can't forget the shades!

Finally, the day would end with a return trip to the boat and a dreamy night's sleep in this lovely bed!  This bedding is actually named, "Distant Voyage"!  Could it be any more perfect? could, because while strolling on the beach, I got a tan!  That's right...Ms. Natural Redhead-Always Freckles-Never golden brown.---umm....Dream on!
Happy Thursday!

~ B Charmer

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