Monday, February 21, 2011

Chocolate Cake and Fence Posts

     Today is lovely day to have off.  It is the last of the fabulous February days that we will get at school, and I am trying to enjoy it entirely.  The weather is PERFECT. It is a Spring-like day to drool over.  The weather man says to expect 78 degrees!  I have the front screen door on duty while we enjoy the loveliness of an early spring day. 

     Today, I am baking a homemade chocolate cake.  I found the recipe through another fun blog, and I have been really wanting to give it a whirl!  I thought today would be the perfect day.  This afternoon, my mother is coming over to help me visualize and plan for the English garden I have been dreaming of creating since we bought the house.  I have picked out some fencing, and we are going to map out the space.  I am so excited!  She is wonderful with all things green, and I am...well...I am learning!  It will be quite the project, I am sure.  But, I am thrilled to begin.  Now...if only I can spark the same excitement in the hubs!  He says that my garden ideas just make mowing a nightmare...but I think I might can spur him on with a new weed eater surprise...or maybe a new edger. 
     So, it is off to the store for cake ingredients and coffee.  Anyone feel like putting in a fence post or two for me? 
~B Charmer

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  1. Leah, I hope the cake turned out, your day was perfect, and your plans become reality in a hurry!


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