Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Of Song and Dance and Knitting Needles

     My how the time has passed!  Apologies are futile, for I have neglected my writing.  However, I have been journaling the old -fashioned way and quite enjoying it.  Now, if only those words would magically jump off the written page and into my cyber-space journal I would be doing quite well!
     The seasons have changed, the holidays have passed, and our lives keep progressing.  I cannot believe that in a mere two months, I should be holding my new, precious son.  I feel him inside tugging for more room, and with each tug, my anticipation grows for his arrival.  I did survive the throws of the first 18 weeks of  general unwellness.  Then, there were some new challenges thrown our way...but all seems to be progressing fine these days.  I am a bit concerned that he is trying to make an early entrance.  The doctor is keeping a close eye on his ETA.  Hopefully, this too will progress as it ought.
     I thoroughly enjoyed cooking my ways through the holidays in my kitchen.  The stove and oven hardly had a chance to cool for a near month.  Menu planning is still a life-saver and going well.  Although, the last couple of weeks have been a bit unorganized.  We have definitely gone way up on our quota of family dinners!  Our challenge for the year has not been perfect, but I can honestly say we are far better off this year than last, and to me that is a sweet success!
    I have been singing and dancing daily with my school children and enjoying it greatly.  We had 3 wonderful school programs for the holidays, and I was really pleased with the turnout!  We are now preparing for spring and 2 programs just before baby comes!  We shall see how long this ole gal can kick up her heels this spring! 
     I celebrated another birthday...gulp...31.  It seems odd to be in the over 30 group.  But, I like who I am becoming so that makes aging ok I suppose.  I am, however, upping the nightly face creams!  I may be over 30 now, but I want to look a youthful 17....well I will settle for 25. 
     So, for my birthday I told my husband I really and truly wanted to learn to knit.  He really surprised me and got me all sorts of confusing wonderful tools to learn to knit!  Can I just say, self-teaching the art of knitting has me questioning my intelligence!  I hope to have something to show for it all eventually!  Any knitters out there want to offer some advice...encouragement...good information to make this a little less insane! It is a fun challenge, and something new that I needed!  Just a warning...there will be more posts to come on this subject! 
    It feels so nice to come and converse here again.  I have missed it dearly.  If you have not all abandoned me, thanks for hanging in there!
~ B Charmer


  1. Glad to see you back. I would offer some words of wisdom on the knitting front, but sadly, I have not progressed past fun fur scarves. I have yet to learn to purl, and haven't made time to practice... By the way, we have fallen off the menu planning bus lately (still cooking, just not planning hehe..) but I hope to get back in the swing of things thanks to your encouragement.

  2. Loved your post, Leah. Like I said earlier, I believe a book lurks furtively (in a good way) in your future writings. Will be looking for updates on the arrival of your new little one! Found your update on one of my daughter-in-law's blogs. Tell your family hello from us!

  3. Thanks so much ladies for the encouragement! Mrs. Trudy, I would love to write a book someday! I just have to collect my thoughts :)


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