Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Love of Mine...

     I wanted to share a book with you all that I absolutely love!  It is unsurprisingly, a cookbook.  I found this book in a sort of funny way.  Before my first son was born, I spent many hours working behind a desk at a law firm.  It was not exactly the most entertaining job I had ever had.  I was the receptionist and wore a few different hats.  Mostly, I answered phone calls, refilled coffee, and waited for five o'clock.  It was a good job, but it came after a move and in between teaching jobs.  It was rather unusual for me to leave the classroom and work behind a desk.  So, I sort of lived for things like lunch breaks and bank holidays.  Let me just say, bank holidays are nothing compared to school holidays! Office hours certainly do not compare with teaching hours.  Yes, it takes many hours to prepare and teach well, but so much can be done from work, by its definition, takes place an office.  Joy oh joy.  But, I digress....
     Lunch time became my great escape.  I would run away to my car and dial in to a radio program on Moody Bible Radio.  I loved it...Midday Connection was the name of the program. It is basically a women's radio program covering a vast array of topics.  Some days they would venture into home life, cooking, and so forth.  One day, they had these ladies on their show representing their cook book.  I was hooked.  The whole premise of the book was preparing meals in advance and in bulk to freeze.  These meals were tested for quality to last well in the freezer for several months.  Of course, it was intended to simplify the dinner delima, but it was also an avenue for serving others.  It is easy to give to a meal to new parents when you have a stock pile of them in the freezer. Anytime there is occasion where gifting meals is appropriate, it is like a storehouse for the giver.  I loved the idea, and really wanted the book.  That very day, I went to our only bookstore with my fingers crossed.  I was anticipating that this book would not be available through this store, but much to my surprise...they actually had ONE copy on the shelf.  That copy is now sitting comfortably on my shelf at home.  The book is filled with stains and splatters, notes and comments on dishes tried and tasted.  It is a well-worn paperback go-to in my house.  The name of the book is, Don't Panic, Dinner's in the Freezer by Suzie Martinez, Bonnie Garcia, and Vonda Howell.
     It is a fun book to use, and I love the idea that the authors give about creating a cooking circle with local women.  The concept is to gather once a week in some one's kitchen, and prepare meals together.  The group keeps a community box of certain ingredients and freezer materials to be shared by all.  It is a budget friendly concept that promotes saving money and building friendships. It is a great idea that I would love to try out sometime!  So, if you are anywhere near my area, and would like to join a cooking circle, please let me know!  I will be happy to host! 
So, here's to aprons, dirty dishes, and a freezer full of yummy food! May you be inspired to share your kitchen and your tasty treats!
~ B Charmer

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