Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Missing in Action

So...I have been a bit MIA in blog world.  My sincere apologies.  Things just have not panned out quite like I would like them to.  I was hit head-on by the pregnancy puke wagon.  Please excuse my word choices..but some things cannot be described in a lovely way.  It seemed the harder I tried to will myself out the situation, it merely intensified.  I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say....I am not one of those glowing, radiant, modelesque pregnant ladies.  I find it quite overwhelming, exhausting, and just full of unlovely things.  Please forgive my negativity, I am simply sharing a bit of our reality lately.  My challenge to better our eating habits got the wind knocked right out of it.  I tried to hang in there for a bit...but I found my kitchen sink to be one of the worst places for me to suddenly need to eradicate my stomach contents...or lack thereof.  So, I finally just started avoiding that room altogether.  My sweet husband took over, and whatever he placed in front of us to eat...I did not it in a box, a bag, or fresh from a skillet.  So, I guess I would have to say we failed on our challenge.  However, I am not the giving up kind.  I am slowly digging myself out of the trench and I have ventured back into the kitchen on a couple of momentous occasions.  I plan to resume at some point.  I am trying to be very being able to cook and clean up after at least 2 meals a week.  I miss is a strange love of mine since early childhood.  I know the outlook is a bit brighter because I actually have watched a bit of food network and the cooking channel with that old glimmer in my eye. I am trying to make this year a better, healthier year.  I know there is not one big formula to fix it all...or one big goal to attain but I do want this to be the time when I knew we started turning things around for our family so that we could be healthier and happier.  Thanks for your patience.

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