Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 27 You Be the Judge

So, dear readers, we ate out this evening....GASP!!!  Before you delete me from your reading list or choose to unfollow, I ask that you hear me out!  This evening was my mother's birthday.  My brother and his wife are here from Virginia and are staying with them this week.  I got the call this evening that said something like this: We are taking mom out for her birthday to a nice restuarant in a neighboring town...please come with us.  So, I actually mulled it over a bit...afraid to break our streak of 26 family meals at home.  But, what to do ??  The whole family was together and I hated to be the black sheep that would not join in the birthday dinner.  I couldn't bare to tell Jackson that he could not share birthday dinner with his grandparents, so we agreed.  It was very tasty indeed...and a treat too!  So my question is, how do I file this?  Do I just keep going, or start over, or just not count day 27 and have a redo tomorrow?  Please leave your thoughts!  (Remember, I am pregnant!  Ha, have to play the sympathy card when I can!)


  1. Totally doesn't count! Family dinners overrule everything! :) Even if I'd had the table set and dinner in the oven, I would have saved it for the next day! Also, pregnancy gives you an excuse for anything and everything--like if the baby wants fries, the baby gets fries!! (I saw your fb post!)

  2. I agree with Jill. Totally doesn't count. Keep going with 28. We're not committed to eating every meal at home like you are, but we will eat out for a date or something special, and make healthy choices when we do. Good job on trying to do better for your family. Love you!!!

  3. Eating out for a special family celebration is not the same as failing to plan one day or not wanting to cook or whatever. Carry on!


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