Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 18 Kitchen Aromas

Tonight, we ate the eggplant in a turkey, eggplant casserole.  My kitchen seemed to absorb the aromas from the tomato sauce bubbling on the stove.  It is nice to know that when you open my front door around dinner time, you are greeted with the smells of family dinner in the making.  It sort of forces you to walk through the house to the kitchen to investigate.  Hopefully, what you will find looks as good as it smells.  I wish I could add a scratch and sniff button to blogger, but I suppose you will have to use your imagination.  Tonight, we had so much extra, I made a phone call and had two more join in the dinner. It is fun sharing....  


  1. Yay! I just found your blog too! Our journey is leading us to the Carolinas next. Any chance we can see you? I hope so!....michelle

  2. You better come see me! :) It has been way too long!!


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