Monday, August 16, 2010

I am Still Here...

Many things to write for another time.. The throws of pregnancy are in full force.  I started back to work today, and groceries are missing from the kitchen.  Too many things on the calendar and not enough mommy.  I have Sea Bands on my wrists in hopes of a nausea miracle...hang with me friends. I will update soon.  Right now, I must sleep. It is all I can do to type tonight, and the baby in the bathtub really needs to be in bed.  Until another day, good night~B Charmer.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 27 You Be the Judge

So, dear readers, we ate out this evening....GASP!!!  Before you delete me from your reading list or choose to unfollow, I ask that you hear me out!  This evening was my mother's birthday.  My brother and his wife are here from Virginia and are staying with them this week.  I got the call this evening that said something like this: We are taking mom out for her birthday to a nice restuarant in a neighboring town...please come with us.  So, I actually mulled it over a bit...afraid to break our streak of 26 family meals at home.  But, what to do ??  The whole family was together and I hated to be the black sheep that would not join in the birthday dinner.  I couldn't bare to tell Jackson that he could not share birthday dinner with his grandparents, so we agreed.  It was very tasty indeed...and a treat too!  So my question is, how do I file this?  Do I just keep going, or start over, or just not count day 27 and have a redo tomorrow?  Please leave your thoughts!  (Remember, I am pregnant!  Ha, have to play the sympathy card when I can!)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 26 Peas Please

Tonight, we had dinner with the whole family again. I did the grocery shopping, my parents did the cooking.  Not a bad deal, if I do say so myself.  We had grilled chicken, peas, and mashed potatoes.  I bought Yukon whites that were on sale for the potatoes.  They turned out delicious.  The big miss tonight was the peas.  My family ate the peas, but it was not a popular side dish this evening.  I did not like them as a kid, but now they are pretty good.  So, just wondering, how do you cook your peas?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 25 Family Cookout

Tonight, my brother and his wife came in from out of town.  It is always nice to spend time with them.  We all met at my parents house this evening for a family cookout.  We enjoyed hamburgers on the grill, and my mom made homemade coleslaw.  I could not stay away from the coleslaw.  I am thinking there might be lots of that in the next eight months!  It was so very tasty to me.  After the dinner, we all headed to the ball field and watched the hubs play in his softball game.  It was nice to just all be together.  Family has a tendency, in these modern days, to be very spread apart.  So, no matter the occasion, it is nice to be close from time to time!  We will have lots of family dinners this week!..big family dinners!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 24 ...ok I am feeling it...

So, today I felt the joys of the first trimester.  I was really sick with little Jackson for a long time.  I am hoping that this baby and I coexist a bit better with each other.  So far, it has been pretty good.  It is still really early, so I am well aware that things can change quickly.  Today, I just felt worn out mostly.  So, my sweet husband picked up the slack for me, and we had sandwiches today.  It wasn't really a family meal, so to speak, but we got our tummies full.  We munched off an on the whole afternoon and evening.  It was a day of rest for everybody.  No regrets here!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 23 Comfort Food

Whew...Saturday.  Today was filled with cleaning out the garage.  Since we have been working for so long on our home, our garage has become a dumping ground of all the projects past and present.  To say it was in need organizing is an understatement.  We worked all day, took two loads off to the dump, and I would say we are about half way done!  That is hard to believe, but it is true.  We made some big progress, and seeing it come together is sort of like seeing the end of the renovation road.  Our projects here are slowing getting finished, and a clean garage sort of represents a mini finish line! 

All that work did make for some big appetites.  I varied from the menu a bit today, and I went with things that fill us up and make us feel good.  We had ground beef, homemade mashed potatoes, and green beans.  I grew up on mashed potatoes, and to have them tonight was so yummy.  I spared no calories either, let me tell you.  I did use fat free cream, but I used cream instead of milk, and real butter...and they were heavenly...true comfort least to me anyway!  What is your comfort food?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 22 A Night of Children

I was going to start by saying that I had the night off...but that wouldn't exactly describe this evening.  While I did not have to cook this evening, I did help serve 12 children their meals tonight.  We did a Sunday School swap night.  Our Sunday school class babysat the children of the another class while they had some time together, and they will repay the favor for us next week.  I must say it was a bit strange to pass out pizza and ice cream tonight.  Somewhere deep inside me, I was thinking I should have cooked for these kiddos!  There was a time, I would not have thought much of this Friday night dinner, but tonight was different.  Everything seemed to be about the same color on the plates.  I missed the color of our meals.  Don't get me wrong, the kids loved it, but I am really starting to see a change in my view of food.  Sure, one junk food night shouldn't kill anybody...but I am pretty sure these will be few and far between, and I think we will be all the better for it.  All in all, I think the kids had fun playing in the gym, and I know my boys are both worn out!  I am feeling the tiredness of the first trimester, but otherwise I am  feeling well and had fun playing with the kids.  It was nice to share an evening with others.  Tomorrow is grocery day, and guess what....I am actually looking forward to it!  Every time I go, I get better and quicker.  Bring on the buggy, I am ready for it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 21 Picante Chicken, Black Beans, and New Baby

So week three!!  I have long heard that anything you do for three weeks becomes a habit.  Oh, how I hope that is true!  The husband had a softball game tonight, so I got to use my smart oven again while we were away at the game.  I set all the timers and temps and came home to something delicious!  The dish was super easy.  You simply dice chicken and cover it in picante sauce with a touch of brown sugar and Dijon mustard.  Bake for 20 minutes, and it is super yummy.  I also put the beans in the oven as well, so they would be ready when we got home.  I was supposed to make rice with it, but we were too hungry to wait for rice, so we just dove in and cleaned the dish right out!

So all this home cooking and better eating has a big job ahead of it.  We recently found out that we are adding a new baby to the family!  We are super excited and happy about what this journey will bring.  Now, more than ever, I need to focus on being healthy, eating right, and enjoying our family.  I doubt the scale will be sliding backwards anymore...but that is OK. (By the way, I have lost almost 5 pounds since we began!!)  My 3 year old doesn't seem to be too keen on the idea yet, but I think he will make a great big brother.  So, the baby is due April 3, 2011.  Here's to keeping our goal 344 more days! It is going to be a crazy ride, I am sure.  Pregnant lady in the out!  I hope you will continue to join us as we try to change our habits, and as we bring a new child into the world.  I have so many high hopes for our family, and I cannot think of a better way to get us on the right course than to start with family meals.  Thanks again E-Mealz for helping me accomplish my goals!   

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 20 Pork Tenderloin and Broccoli

     Wednesdays are interesting.  We have church and choir practice, and we all seem to be on a different schedule.  My plan was to have something ready in the crockpot so that we could all eat as our schedules allowed...but other things took precedence.  So, I opted for serving pork tenderloin and broccoli. Speaking of broccoli, we have eaten  lots of it since we started the journey.  I really love broccoli, and I have loved trying it so many different ways.  Tonight, I simply steamed it, but tasty as always.
     I was the only one that did not eat before church...not a good idea.  My stomach was singing it's own part in choir practice tonight!  But, when I returned home, the boys had saved me some...and it was yummy!  We have made it almost 3 weeks!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 19 Pita Pizza

Today was busy.  We spent most of the day away from home.  We had lots of errands to run, an appointment to make, and lunch to deliver.  It was necessary that dinner tonight be simple.  Nothing is much easier than pita pizzas.  I used whole wheat pitas and added all the ingredients that my family likes.  Each pizza was a bit different.  You can make these extremely healthy, or just simple and cheesy!  It was a fun, family meal that was yummy too.  All you need is a package of pita bread, a jar of pizza sauce, and any items you want on your pizza.  Of course, some good mozzarella is necessary.  Once the pizzas are made, put them on a baking sheet in the oven at 425 for about ten minutes...and wala!!  Dinner is served!

Day 18 Kitchen Aromas

Tonight, we ate the eggplant in a turkey, eggplant casserole.  My kitchen seemed to absorb the aromas from the tomato sauce bubbling on the stove.  It is nice to know that when you open my front door around dinner time, you are greeted with the smells of family dinner in the making.  It sort of forces you to walk through the house to the kitchen to investigate.  Hopefully, what you will find looks as good as it smells.  I wish I could add a scratch and sniff button to blogger, but I suppose you will have to use your imagination.  Tonight, we had so much extra, I made a phone call and had two more join in the dinner. It is fun sharing....  

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 17 Sunday Dinner

Today was another nice Sunday.  My fellas made it home, and we all enjoyed worship together.  Today's meal for the day was something I was a bit afraid to try.  However, I was very pleasantly surprised, and there were barely any leftovers.  It was a pasta dish with sausage, penne, green apple, and cheddar cheese.  The flavors together were perfect.  I am learning that my baking dishes are not quite substantial enough for some of these lovely baked meals.  I may have to add that to my ever-growing list of must haves for the kitchen.  We shared our meal with my father (mother was out of town) and we had a nice time around the table together.  That is one thing I am most looking forward to...expanding the reaches of my table to include many more friends and family.  I want our table to be a sweet place for my family and others.  I hope it will become a resting place full of stories and laughter, and a place where everyone leaves full in every way. 

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