Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Starting Fresh

It has been a bit since I have posted. I have been on a sort of epic journey to chart a new course for our family. If you have ever tried to exhume a historic house with limited probably know the distress of living in the chaos of it all. We have lived in this home four years now. Four years of paint cans in the kitchen, molding in the laundry room, power tools in the corner, and saw dust in the air. Four years of moving the ladder from room to room, caulk guns for toys, and paint stirrers for paddles. Piles of things and trips to the dump...and yet there seems to be more, more, more always waiting to be done. Most days, it seems like it has been about 3 lifetimes...but then there are times where I find myself questioning the time. It has been a trial of endurance and persistence. It has been all consuming, and many things have fallen to the wayside just because home has been a continual project...not a peaceful place to land. Most days, all I can see are the things that still need finished...or started. Relaxing seems like a guilty pleasure when there are to-do lists hiding in every corner. So many things have been neglected. I have decided to put all of my summer efforts into finishing the dangling projects so that I can get back the life that I need and that my family needs.

Here is my list of things I want back in my life:
1. A Social Life...truly feeling like I or the family can go out, and not worry about how we should have done this or that or used the money for wire or something. I want to enjoy having people over...not feeling like I have to put up signs that say "pardon the mess."

2. Pursuing the Passions...I want to shop again for pretty things like scarves and necklaces instead of shelving and grout. I want to take time getting ready everyday and feel youthful again...not like some old woman leaving the road crew at the end of the day. And...I want to do something fun again like a dance class or Yoga. I want my husband to play his guitar again and take me to concerts. Bring back the passions we both have that we put somewhere out in the garage under a tarp.

3. Healthier more take out drive thru window eating! I want home cooked my kitchen, with my family...oh and at the table! I want my family to remember how well I can cook, and how much I enjoy doing it. I want to feel good about what we are eating and feel wise about the money spent on food.

So...that is a nutshell. So, my blog now represents a place for me to come and chart my course of getting it back! I am going to post help keep me on track with my goals for one year. B Charmer will be my place to hold myself accountable to becoming more than a construction worker! Thanks for joining me on the journey!

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