Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lovely Saturday

  Today was a special day for me because I had the day to myself.  That is such a rare event in my world.  I don't normally realize that I miss it until I get the opportunity to dissapear a bit and do my thing.  I took the day off from cooking...because my boys were out of town visiting with my husband's family.  I munched on things here, and had a big bowl of cereal for dinner :)  ....Cleanup was a sinch! Don't worry, the boys had some homecooked food Saturday from what I have been told!
Saturday was all about shopping!  I had so much fun taking my time, enjoying the sights and sales.  And, I was not shopping for anything related to the house.  I tried on shoes, tested perfumes, looked at jewlry and scarves, and I came away with a few good finds to remember the occaision.  I finished the evening by doing my grocery shopping.  It turned out to be the perfect time.  It was rainy outside, and the store was pretty calm.  I had the buggy to myself and all the time in the world.....I could enjoy grocery shopping this way!  I actually like the prettiness of the produce department.  It was fun picking out my eggplant.  Ahh...nice day.

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