Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 15...Ahhh No Groceries

So, I hit a bump today.  Today is grocery day and new menu day.  It was also Bible School and bill day.  I had my plan and my time carved out, but there was one big glitch...NO printer!!  So, I decided there was no way I was going to let this put a dent in my plans.  Me and baby Jack set off on a printer finding shopping trip.  Two stores later, a million toys to cry over, one really unfocused shopping buddy, and we finally had the printer.  Of course, we had to go home and set the printer up, download my lists and print them, then try and return to the store for the actual groceries.  One big problem...we never made it back out.  Call it frazzled, lazy, or just plain tired, but I just could not bring myself to hauling the two of us back to the car and attempt grocery shopping...again.  So, what was I to do??  I really had no back up plan....except a pizza in the freezer.  So, we ate at home as a family.  It was not from a restaurant, but it wasn't homemade or very nutritional.  Not the ideal, but it worked and it wasn't drive-thru-brown-bag-combo-upsized number I think it counts for today.  On to the store in the morning without baby fun as that is. 

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