Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 14 We Have Made it Two Weeks!!

To my Readers,
Thank you for your encouragement, tips, and ideas.  When I log in and begin a new post, I think of the faces and names that have left their comments and well wishes both here and on facebook.  I have so enjoyed sharing this journey with you all! Two weeks is a drop in the bucket, but I think we have crossed a milestone. 

Tomorrow brings another grocery day with my little fella and a new week full of new dishes to create.  Each meal is so much more than food.  It is a commitment to my family that I am doing all I can as mom to keep us happy, healthy, and strong.  Each dish is an opportunity for us to come around the table and just enjoy each other and the yummy food we are eating.  Most nights are nothing remarkable, but piled together they are sweet memories in the making. 

I would love to pull something warm and sweet from the oven and have each of you to the table.  We would pass the coffee and share our stories of food and family.  I think it would be a cozy place!  The invitation is always is the front door.  Thanks so much for coming along. 

          B Charmer


  1. Hey Leah, somehow I thought I was subscribed to your blog, but have missed out on your new venture. Just got caught up though. It sounds like great fun and adventuresome. I am all subscribed now, so I can follow along. Good for you and way to go documenting it!

  2. Love this! Good for you. We have no AC in our little house and I do a lot of cooking outside in the summer. Mainly grilling but putting your taters or veggies in foil wraps are awesome! I also crock pot meats like pork butts for bbq and ribs. You are inspiring!


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