Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 12, Wow, Somebody Needs to Do Something About this Mess!

Twelve days of following a plan is a pretty big accomplishment in our house!  Every night,  I am getting the big question from my guys...what is for dinner?  NOT, where are we going for dinner?  It is a crazy ride being so focused on turning this train around.  I find myself wanting to cut corners sometimes like serve grilled cheese and chips.  While I am sure there will be many times when I will have to go simple, right now I am really aiming for healthy meals that do good things for our bodies. 

So, the funny thing about all this cooking is that I am getting to know my kitchen a whole lot better.  I have lots of things I do not really need, but one thing I think I am going to really start thinking about purchasing is a few new cookware pieces.  I just need some larger skillets.  I am cooking out of my starter set from single gal days.  It is a great set and has served me well, but I think it is time to upgrade a bit.  I think a shopping trip is in my future....

One really not so funny aspect of this experience is all the dirty dishes!!  I mean honestly, how do people do all the cooking and all the mommying and still have time to clean it all up?  I need some secrets here to help me tackle this monster in my kitchen.  Is there a trick or hypnotherapy or something magical involved to have the umph to get it all done?  Seriously, I could spend the largest part of my waking hours in that kitchen preparing then repairing the damage.  It gets a bit much at times.  There is always something I leave soaking in the sink, or something that needs rewashed after a failure in the dishwasher.  So, can a three year old do dishes....??  Oh, how I wished.....

Good night friends...and dishes that are still not ALL done...it is on to day 13


  1. I completely understand. We eat most of our meals at home. To be honest, taking four kids to a restaurant is not fun. I was wondering the same thing the other day and asked myself how my mom's house was always clean. Then I realized she never sat down. AM-PM she was cleaning. Next in my mind was the fact that I need balance. I can let the house be a little messy (no too because of picky husband) and sit and play with kids or take them to swing. Life is so short.

    Love you! Good luck!

  2. Ok, three kids, unless you could Jamie (my mind is GONE!)


  3. Check out FlyLady - she will have you going to bed with a shiny sink every night in no time.

    One thing I found helpful is to run a sink-ful of scalding hot, soapy water as soon as I start dinner. As pans, measuring utensils, mixing bowls, etc. are emptied, I toss them in there and while I'm waiting on something to finish cooking, I can either hand wash items and set them out to dry, or put the soaked item in the dishwasher.

    After dinner, all that's left is to load the stuff from the table. And definitely get the family in on that act. As they get older, task one with daily emptying the clean dishes, one with loading dinner dishes, and any others can pitch in with trash duty, putting leftovers in storage containers, etc.

    Good luck - I'm enjoying reading your journey!

    mom to 3 grown or nearly grown kids

  4. Oh great ideas!! Thanks Terry!....and Karen, I was beginnig to wonder about the kiddo count...:)


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