Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 11 Pickle-ini Anyone?? was full, but nice.  Bible School this morning was a taste of what is to be very soon.  Singing and dancing with children all day!  School will be back in session quite shortly, and once again I will be making music with the kiddos.  I am already looking at Christmas Programs!  Any suggestions??

Day  11 brought baked chicken to our table tonight.  I think the heat is taking all our appetites.  It was tasty enough, but the pomegranate juice drink was the highlight tonight.  We continue to swelter in our little yellow house.  Ice cubes in cups last mere moments. I am convinced I could have successfully baked the chicken in our attic!  Hmmm....maybe tomorrow...

Our dinner entertainment was supplied tonight by none other than Jackson Douglas and the tales of the 3 year old chronicles.  He insisted tonight that we were eating hot pickles with tomatoes.  No matter my explanation that the pickles were really zucchinis, he was certain I was wrong.  After much debate, we settled on pickle-ini.  He would only eat them under their new given name.  I complied for the sake of nutrition --and for all the pickle-inis across the land on family tables tonight.

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