Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 10...Sunday Loving

Today was all about the good things.  Worship, Family, and Food were the rules today.  I love looking down the church pew at my family.  In our crowded pew, my little boy got to sing the songs with his family and his grandparents.  Its a nice beginning to every week.  Sometimes, I like to be quiet and just listen to the voices around me singing their hearts out.  It is a beautiful sound.

The challenge for today was definitely lunch.  We are accustomed to lunch on the town with the grandparents.  Today, I had to be ahead of the game.  I got up early, choose my meal ( hot club sandwich and Asian slaw), and went to work.  I blindly trusted my oven with an enormous task....doing the cooking while I was away.  The little bake-time feature on my oven is my new best friend.  I just tell it what time to start cooking, how long, and at what temperature.  I put the food in, and when I returned...voila! Perfectly done lunch.  It made me look very impressive!  I was able to serve a piping hot lunch to the whole family, in our dining room, minutes after church.  What restaurant can do that?  And...for pennies per person.  Can we say Cha Ching!!   I was quite thrilled.  I can't wait to see what my oven will make next Sunday.  Won't you join us for Sunday lunch?  We would love to have you.


  1. Remember the time I was at your parent's house and your dad left something on the burner and we all left for church? Came home to a smoke-filled but not burned down house. :)


  2. Green Beans!! I so remember that! It was hilarious...and the curtains smelled like that till Christmas :)


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