Wednesday, July 21, 2010

365 days NO Restaurants!! Day 6

One of my biggest challenges is food.  It is like the big ole never ending chore.  I used to love cooking and spending time in the kitchen.  Somewhere in the whole process of the house destruction...I mean reconstruction, I lost that passion.  It was just another thing to do, mess to clean, and time away from a project.  Well, NOT ANY MORE!!  I have been saying that I would shrink to half my size if I eliminated french fries from my here's to seeing if that really is true!  Our family is going on a restaurant more eating out for one whole year!  Yep, I said it, one whole year.  The only exception we will possibly allow is if we are out of town.  Thanks to my wonderful friend Heather L.,  who shared E Mealz with me, I am finding this task to be a bit easier.  They have a great website that gives all the info.  So far, we are only on day 6.  These past six days have been fun and messy, but we have eaten as a family for 6 days straight!  And we are soooo saving money in the process.  Tonight, we are having Hot Hoppin John!  It is a black-eyed-pea and rice dish....hope its tasty!!

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  1. Interesting! A year is a long time. I know we desperately need to curb our eating out, but I also know I'd never make it a whole year! I've looked at several meal-planning services, and I know a few people who have done E Mealz. You might want to look into freezer cooking as well, since planning (and having back-up plans) will be essential. GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to hear how it goes (and be inspired by you!!!!)


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