Thursday, April 1, 2010

For Keeps

I am on a mission. I am about to become a health nut, I think. I am just getting increasingly bothered by food! I love food, but the junk that is being offered to me and my family on a daily basis is mind boggling. Sometimes, I think I am ready to have my own farm complete with the chickens and the cows...make mine organic the old fashioned way! I know that is so not possible...but seriously, when I think about the stuff my family is putting into our lives via the food we eat, I admit it sort of scares me. I would dare say, that our health is in the balance. So, I am a novice here. I grew up eating relatively healthy. We had fresh garden foods and family dinners....however, it could have been better. I am looking for ideas on where to start, good books to read, cookbooks and recipes to try...the nitty gritty of what is the good and bad of eating for your health. I want to start growing a few things, and learning healthy ways to preserve my veggies. I have never canned, or gardened really...but I figure, surely I can do it with help from the blog world and wonderful world wide web! So, any suggestions?? I figure these bodies and all that are inside are for keeps, so I want to be a good keeper!


  1. I recently read the book "The Maker's Diet" by Jordan Rubin. We can't put into practice everything we would like to because we honestly can't afford it, but we do do some things and have made little changes here and there that hopefully will add up. Good luck.

  2. Hi LeahMarie,
    thank you so much for your comment this morning on my blog .. it was such an encouragement.
    It is such a good feeling when we know we are feeding our family healthy meals. . .and starting when your family is young will make a huge impact on how they think of food too.


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