Friday, March 5, 2010

My Caffeinated Randomness

As is done on is a bit of my randomness today!

Potty training is a beast...a big, ugly one that sometimes I just want to run from! If I am honest...sometimes diapers are just plain easier. I truly cannot believe I just wrote that out loud, but in my world, that can be true. I am exhausted of potty dances, reward candy, mopping the mess, more potty dances, and frustration at that puddle I just discovered in the kitchen. My brand new carpet likes diapers better too. However, we keep trudging along...and then.... it just happens! Poof!! (if I could insert smoke here, I would) All of the sudden, he is just going. No accidents for a week, no wet bed at night, no need for the new box of wipes I just bought. Poof I tell you....truly poofy potty magic! Suddenly, the potty dance seems appropriate.

Enjoy the weekend friends!


  1. Isn't that like life though. You work and your work and then poof they just decide they like the potty better ;) At least the beast has been tamed?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks Critty! I like the question mark at the end of your comment....we hope!!

  3. Haha! How well I remember those days! And then I went and added a puppy to the mix - what was I thinking?! It does get better though. Really. Eventually!

  4. Our time is coming. I'm totally not looking forward to the whole potty training thing. won't be long before I'll be starting the whole process with our little one. We already have our potty chair. But all it serves for right now is a step stool. The idea was to let our little one get used to the concept by just sitting on it like a chair for a bit. That's what I've read is a good idea to try before actually beginning to potty train. Well, instead...she stands on it and puts toys in it. LOL

    There will come a day when it will officially start being used for it's intended purpose.


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