Saturday, March 27, 2010

Making the Most

Sometimes it is so easy to get dreamy-eyed about what is to come. I find myself often thinking about days ahead, the next adventure, the next house, the next know all the unknowns that you hope will come someday. It is easy for me to sort of stall on the present and drift away into the unknown in search of the better. I know, it is foolish, wastes time, and rarely do things really pan out like the dream version. These facts will probably never stop me from getting in that fairy zone from time to time. However, I am really trying to make the most of things now a little more than before. I guess I am realizing that some of these "dreams" simply need me to get out of the dreaming chair and just start doing. So, in honor of I am going to make a little fuss in my house and make it a little more cozy as if I am to live here till I am eighty...cause who knows??? So, join me and take out a little dream and get to it!!

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