Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Boy Bare Feet

Tonight, my little busy B fell sound asleep in my lap wrapped tightly in his bathtowel. He was still trying to get the words out that he was not sleepy as his little, wet head bobbled off in a sleepy nod. His little, bare feet hung out of the towel and I was reminded how quickly those feet changed from baby feet to little boy feet. Now, they jump from every ledge and run quite everywhere. They wear big boy shoes and dance to music...and sometimes, they even smell like little boy feet! What happened to the days where they fit in the palm of my hand? I suppose I saw the days passing by, but how quickly they went! He assures me that he is only two, and he knows this because he ate cake. Soon, I will be baking another cake and buying bigger shoes, but tonight I will treasure these little boy bare feet.

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  1. Hello Leah! It was good to hear from you and since you left a comment I was able to find your blog! Fun! I hope you and your family are doing great! Brooke Turnbough