Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Contentment-My Thoughts

Wow...what a nice thought. Why is it so hard to find sometimes? It seems to be something everybody wants, yet very little have. The whole world is searching for it in one way or another. I think we were all created to want something more to help us find that in our Creator...and until a person truly knows God, they can not truly know contentment. Even then, it is difficult to maintain because we live in a sinful, fallen world. Finding it and keeping it is the life-long adventure in our walk of faith. Keeping our hearts focused on the One alone that can bring that true joy is what I believe to be the lifelong journey of any believer. As long as my eyes are focused on Christ, my heart is full. The minute I take my eyes off of my Savior, my heart wanders and looks for happiness in something or somewhere else. Christ alone is my redeemer, the redeemer of my heart and all of it's wants. He takes my desires, and when I am ready to see, He allows me to see their fulfillment in Him alone. When I get that urge to really long for something...and believe me, I get those thoughts often...I strive to take them to my Maker and let Him be the center of my longing and in return....my heart is content.


  1. You are right. We all are somewhat driven to want more than we have. I was struck by that as I was driving today and my girls were talking about what kind of houses they would like when they grow up. Even at their young ages, they had grand dreams for their future homes. The key for us all is to realize it is in fact God that we truly desire and the only one that can provide us the "more", the contentment we want. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to joining in the future discussions with you.

  2. You said it well when you said: "I strive to take them to my Maker and let Him be the center of my longing and in return....my heart is content." True contentment, true satisfaction of our souls, is found in God.


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