Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Contentment-My Thoughts

Wow...what a nice thought. Why is it so hard to find sometimes? It seems to be something everybody wants, yet very little have. The whole world is searching for it in one way or another. I think we were all created to want something more to help us find that in our Creator...and until a person truly knows God, they can not truly know contentment. Even then, it is difficult to maintain because we live in a sinful, fallen world. Finding it and keeping it is the life-long adventure in our walk of faith. Keeping our hearts focused on the One alone that can bring that true joy is what I believe to be the lifelong journey of any believer. As long as my eyes are focused on Christ, my heart is full. The minute I take my eyes off of my Savior, my heart wanders and looks for happiness in something or somewhere else. Christ alone is my redeemer, the redeemer of my heart and all of it's wants. He takes my desires, and when I am ready to see, He allows me to see their fulfillment in Him alone. When I get that urge to really long for something...and believe me, I get those thoughts often...I strive to take them to my Maker and let Him be the center of my longing and in return....my heart is content.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Making the Most

Sometimes it is so easy to get dreamy-eyed about what is to come. I find myself often thinking about days ahead, the next adventure, the next house, the next baby...you know all the unknowns that you hope will come someday. It is easy for me to sort of stall on the present and drift away into the unknown in search of the better. I know, it is foolish, wastes time, and rarely do things really pan out like the dream version. These facts will probably never stop me from getting in that fairy zone from time to time. However, I am really trying to make the most of things now a little more than before. I guess I am realizing that some of these "dreams" simply need me to get out of the dreaming chair and just start doing. So, in honor of doing...today I am going to make a little fuss in my house and make it a little more cozy as if I am to live here till I am eighty...cause who knows??? So, join me and take out a little dream and get to it!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Caffeinated Randomness

As is done on Fridays....here is a bit of my randomness today!

Potty training is a beast...a big, ugly one that sometimes I just want to run from! If I am honest...sometimes diapers are just plain easier. I truly cannot believe I just wrote that out loud, but in my world, that can be true. I am exhausted of potty dances, reward candy, mopping the mess, more potty dances, and frustration at that puddle I just discovered in the kitchen. My brand new carpet likes diapers better too. However, we keep trudging along...and then.... it just happens! Poof!! (if I could insert smoke here, I would) All of the sudden, he is just going. No accidents for a week, no wet bed at night, no need for the new box of wipes I just bought. Poof I tell you....truly poofy potty magic! Suddenly, the potty dance seems appropriate.

Enjoy the weekend friends!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So, the Coat Isn't Waterproof...

I was soaked...to the bone. All the lovely sunny days had passed with no problem. This day, the rain was as close to frozen as rain can get. This day my tire went flat. This day I had plans, and I found my coat failing me. I was cold, frustrated, late, and generally unhappy. My once straight hair was curling with each drop from the sky. Each curl brought more frustration. I just wanted this day to be normal. I was finally going to get to meet some new people. Finally, the hubs and I had plans! Maybe, just maybe, we could crack the door open to this little town that still doesn't feel like home. Somehow, I thought straight hair would make us more likable.

I just wanted to be anybody else anywhere else. Who was I kidding? This is normal for me. Frizzy hair, running late, flat tire---yet trying to pretend I was more put together than this! The coat said it all. It looked warm and nice, but it was a soggy mess. It wasn't holding up very well, and neither was I.

I have these preconcieved notions that if I try hard enough, look good enough, smile big enough, that I can will things to be what I think they should be. The truth always shows! Eventually, the coat soaks through....and the hair frizzes, and I am left baring the real me.

This time it was good for me. We went to the party anyway. We laughed, ate, and hopefully cracked open a few friendships... frizzy hair and all. I learned a lesson that night. I am not waterproof. I have my flaws just like the rest. My hair truly is curly despite the best products available. I am just a curly headed gal...and I am just like anybody else trying to navigate life. Some days I do a little better, some days I just squeak by. But hopefully, I am growing in grace. Hopefully, I am learning that it isn't all about me anyway. The soggy coat reminded me to rethink some things. The real me is quite ok as long as my focus is more on those around me. Another little treasure I learned...never leave home without my umbrella!

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