Saturday, February 27, 2010

Radom Things- (Right now, not so caffinated)

From the "Under Grace and Over Coffee" Blog...My random thoughts

1. I am not liking the extended winter here in the south.
2. I am usually thinking highlights and sunless tanner by now.
3. Instead, I am fighting a cold and looking for more fuzzy socks.
4. I really like fuzzy socks, the stay at home kind of socks.
5. Right now I only have one pair of stay at home socks.
6. I need new boots.
7. My little Jackson, well he and I, have completely rubbed the toes off of all my good boots!
8. I really need a cup of coffee every day, at least one if not 4!
9. My husband does not share this love of coffe with me.
10. I wish he did.
11. I am going to attempt being on a softball team this spring.
12. If I do the afformentioned, it will be the first time I have ever been on a sports team.
13. I always wanted to be athletic.
14. Is it too late to try at age 30?
15. Sorry softball team, you are not getting a star here, just a wanna-be!
16. Speaking of wanna-be's, I wanna be about 15 pounds smaller but I guess that would involve putting down the peanut M&M's.
17. Nuts and chocolate, french fries and cappucuions...yeah that's pretty much the 15 pounds!
18. I want to meet all my neighbors. I imagine toting a basket of goodies and being my own welcome wagon, but for some reason I feel a little shy.
19. I can get very shy sometimes, but mostly I am not.
20. I have long been in love with Canada...I would love to live there. The scenery suits me, and I think it would be fun to say "aye" lots and lots.
21. Everyone would know I was a transplant. I cannot hide the years of southern speech I have inherited.
22. I am pretty good at accents though, so maybe I could work really hard and blend in....yeah right!
23. There are blocks all over my living room floor and playdough all over my dining table, but Jackson is having a blast.
24. I love playdough.
25. I don't love that the colors always get mixed at my house.
There we go, randomness in the morning! How fun.

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